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Got the Blues!

I woke up this morning, looked around and thought, "My bedroom needs a makeover." An antique blue makeover, of course, since it's my fave shade. I went to town with my plastic (wouldn't it be cool to have a blue credit card?) and got the greatest stuff! Keshia and Lisa love the new look. They say it's so "me." Keshia actually bought me a blue pillow that says "Princess." I'm not a princess - am I???
28.2.03 18:21

Nurses on Duty

We're gonna hang with Lisa tonight and keep her comany since she has to stay off her ankle for a few days. We'll probably order in some Thai food - her favorite - and rent some movies. That's what friends are for.
26.2.03 18:20

VIP Treatment

I have to say it's so cool to step out of a limo and walk into a trendy nightspot. First of all, everyone looks at you like you're famous, and you don't have to wait in lines to get in! We alked into the 11C Restaurant without a reservation, and then later we hit the Lavender Lounge (so hot right now) without any wait. We pretended we were movie stars all night. What a blast.
23.2.03 18:19

Feeling Good, Looking Great

Finally got to the gym today. Boy, am I glad I splurged on a new workout wardrobe - I kept running into all these adorable personal trainers! I would have been completely mortified if I'd shown up in my ratty old sweats.
22.2.03 18:18

I Have a Butter Idea

The girls and I went to the movies with "Dimples" (Josh) and his friends. It was totally awkward because Josh and I wanted to sit next to each other, but we felt funny saying it. So there we were, standing in the aisle and making a scene about who would sit where. Finally, I said, "Why don't those of us having butter on our popcorn sit next to each other? Makes it easier to share." I knew Josh was the only one who ordered butter! Pretty slippery move, huh?
20.2.03 18:11

A Hairy Situation

Talk about a bad hair day! I don't know what was going on this morning, but my hair absolutely refused to cooperate. I brushed it one way, it went the other. Like it had a mind of its own. Tried putting it in a ponytail and even that didn't work - I looked like an alien. Thank heaven for baseball caps!
18.2.03 18:10

Other Fish in the Sea?

Didn't think I could crush to anyone except Robbie, but HELLO Josh! I sat next to him at this crazy new sushi restaurant last night, and he is just dreamy. Has the biggest dimples I have ever seen. I kept sticking my chopsticks in them! I think he got a kick out of it.
16.2.03 18:09

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